Join Team B.O.B.

How to Join Team B.O.B.:

Welcome to Team BOB! In order to clear up any confusion, please read over the following and fill out the form at the bottom of the page:

In order to be considered a participating member in good standing each year you should:

  • Fill out commitment letter, and pay $60 membership fee by May 15th using cash, check, or Venmo. 
  • Consistently attend Tuesday rides to balance the benefits you receive with your amount of Team commitment
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 hours of bike related community service
  • Participate in a minimum of 5 hours of trail maintenance

Benefits of being a participating member in good standing include:

  • Riding with a fun and encouraging group of women on Tuesday evenings.
  • Being able to participate in after-ride get-togethers.
  • Ability to purchase club jersey.
  • Sponsorship of New Belgium-The brewery donates beer for our after-ride get-togethers
  • Sponsorship of Eye’s Have It Sunglasses-20% off regular priced sunglasses. Some restrictions apply.
  • Ability to participate in Fun Weekend (must have met all commitment requirements by August 31 to participate).

Ride Policy:
We follow a no-rider-left-behind policy. Each group of riders needs to do a head-count at the beginning of each ride, and at each regrouping point. Should you decide not to finish a ride with the group, you must let another rider in your group know before you turn off. It is a common courtesy that each rider takes turns in the “caboose” position throughout the season. In addition, every rider is responsible for having their bike in proper working condition, and for carrying appropriate equipment such as helmet, pump, tubes, tools, and water.

Introducing New Riders:
Although we want to encourage women to participate in the sport of mountain biking, our Tuesday rides are not set up for first time riders. If you want to encourage a friend to participate in our weekly rides, you should ride with them several times before bringing them on a Tuesday ride and check that they have appropriate equipment. Please plan on riding with that person for their first Team BOB ride to ensure they are in a group with an appropriate skill level.

Email Policy:
The Team BOB Yahoo! Group list will be restricted to paid members (and past members who request to be kept on the list). Email posted to is sent to all current members. As such, emails should be used in a responsible manner. Only emails that are thought to interest the whole group should be posted. Emails that are for personal promotion are not acceptable. That said, the club recognizes that Team BOB provides networking opportunities at many different levels. If you have a business, hobby, or skill you would like other members to know about, please fill out that info on the bottom of this letter, and we will post it on our web site.